Good to know

Good to know

Our advice to take advantage of your care

The infrared sauna

Before your treatments, we advise you to take advantage of the warmth and benefits of the infrared sauna. It is a dry steam bath, around 50°C, causing the elimination of toxins through perspiration and deep cleansing of the epidermis. The state of total pre-relaxation that it will give you will allow you to appreciate our care even better.



After the care, you can appreciate the large living room from which you can enjoy the extensive view of the valley. Here you will be served at your convenience apple juice or tea. It is also a place you can use if you are accompanying a person undergoing a care or if you are waiting for your own care when they are not in pairs. It is an opportunity for further relaxation, reading and tranquillity.



To be sure to be able to do your caret on the date of your choice, it is recommended that you book in advance. Everything will then be ready to welcome you in the best conditions.

For any reservation, the amount of the service must be fully paid. In case of impediment, we thank you for being so kind as to cancel your appointment 48 hours in advance, by e-mail. For any cancellation less than 48 hours before the appointment, 50% of the amount of the care will be retained.

Any cancellation of an appointment less than 24 hours in advance will result in the loss of the gift card or the amount paid at the time of booking. Any session not cancelled will be due.

In case of late arrival, the duration of your care will be reduced so as not to penalize the following clients and the totality of the care will be charged. We reserve the right to completely cancel the appointment if the delay is considered as too important.



The spa environment is based on calm and relaxation. We thank you for contributing to the tranquility of the premises by leaving your mobile phones off in the changing rooms.

Sandals, bathrobes, towels and disposable underwear are at your disposal, depending on the care.

Meals are not allowed in the spa. For hygiene reasons, animals are not allowed.

We decline all responsibility in case of loss or theft of objects in the spa.

We reserve the right to exclude any person whose behaviour or actions could disrupt the work of the staff or the proper functioning of the spa.

We reserve the right to change our rates at any time.

The massages practised at the spa are exclusively wellness treatments stemming from the ancestral traditions of the art of touch and given by practitioners who have received specific training. They can in no way be assimilated to massages performed by physiotherapists.