Other massages

Other massages

*** 30 or 20 effective minutes of relaxation ***

Back massage and scrub

1 person : 70€

Effective 30 min care

Personalized and intuitive wellness massage according to the tensions felt.

Scalp and face massage

1 person / 1 effective hour : 110€

1 person / 30 min effective : 70€

Well-being and relaxation massage to rest tired facial features and eliminate scalp tensions.

Foot reflexology

1 person : 85€

Effective 45 min care

Foot reflexology is a manual practice performed on reflex zones representing organs and different parts of the human body.

Massage for pregnant women

1 person : 110€

1h effective care

To all expectant mothers from the 3rd month of pregnancy onwards, if there is no medical contraindication. The massage is soft and enveloping and provides deep physical and mental relaxation.

Calvados friction

1 person : 70€

Effective 30 min care

Only available as a complement to another care.

Rub your back and legs with a brush or glove and then apply calvados to stimulate blood circulation. Not recommended if you have blood circulation problems (phlebitis, etc.).