The garden

The garden

The garden: a fully-fledged relaxation area

For 40 years, we have been taking care of this area of about sixty hectares of meadows and woods at the birth of the small valley which offers a bucolic perspective.

The work has first been to safeguard, plant or regenerate nearly 13 kilometres of hedges, in order to restore an ecosystem damaged by the torments of weather, time and modernization.

In a planted setting, we have little by little created different areas of amenity, sometimes with local plants, sometimes with more exotic species.

In recent years, we have been enriching the garden with ornamental apple trees in order to explore their aesthetic potential.

The whole forms a whole where garden, meadows and wooded areas combine marvellously for the benefit of biodiversity… and our eyes!

We would like to inform our kind customers that we no longer accept pets.