The brand “AKANE” has everything to please us. An adventure on a human scale displaying values.


Aline FOULET, after 10 years spent in a major cosmetics group, wanted to create her own brand based on certain convictions: respect for living organisms inseparable from respect for the environment for healthy, active, certified organic cosmetics. The skin is perceived as an organ in its own right that must be taken care of with products with an irreproachable composition.

All this in a more general framework of duty towards future generations with the perception that cosmetics is inseparable from the notion of pleasure, pleasure of the eyes, pleasure of the touch, pleasure of the sense of smell.

During a stay in Japan, Aline FOULET discovered the Akane apple, a red apple with highly antioxidant properties: the original fruit! The brand was born.


Born in Japan, the apple used for the brand is harvested in France.

Antioxidants are essential allies of the body, they particularly prevent the degeneration of skin cells.

The Akane apple is full of an exceptional quantity of polyphenols with proven antioxidant powers. This extra-ordinary concentration has an undeniable anti-aging cosmetic interest. A laboratory study has extracted a unique active ingredient from this “magic” apple and its leaves. The Akane apple, the queen of cosmetic apples.

More information on the website of Akane.

Akane_Le Pommenial de la Hérissonnière


Michel and Alain Delangle have taken over the family business located in Saint-Fraimbault in the Orne department to diversify it. Converted to organic farming in 1996, they had the idea of using hay for purposes other than feeding their animals, first for cooking with the advice of a chef. Then to make herbal tea.

The hay is carefully harvested at the right time and then ventilated so that it retains its qualities and flavours. It is also made from a selected blend of grasses.

It is this quality that attracted our attention and allowed us to consider its use for well-being.

More information on the website of Michel and Alain.


POMONE develops innovative cosmetic care products for women’s beauty.

The formulas incorporate the latest advances in science and cosmetology in sensual textures.

The brand has its origins in the beauty of POMONE, goddess of the plant world.

A beauty professional and chemical engineer, Florence Sellin founded an authentic and natural cosmetics brand, POMONE.

The formulas exclude parabens, phenoxyethanol, silicones, mineral oils.

The manufacturing is entirely carried out and controlled in France in selected production sites to offer every guarantee of quality and safety.



The choice of natural to cuddle you: bathrobes and sheets are chosen from the FIBRETIC range and made of unbleached organic cotton.

The approach of FIBRETIC and Martine GUEYE is part of a sustainable and ethical relationship with associated craftsmen, designers, weavers, dyers and tailors.



“ORIGINE” and Olivier RAUD design a range of furniture including the massage tables and the resting bed chosen for our spa.

The “polarity” corresponds to the phenomenon of the tree’s ascent towards the sky, which is part of the structure of the wood.

Respected, the wood diffuses energy and becomes a beneficial object.