The Pommenial

The Pommenial

Accommodation and well-being… but not only!

Our accommodations, in gîtes or rooms, always take care to respect the existing building and pay attention to the decoration and layout.

Beyond that, we have developed a range of treatments highlighting the apple, its derivatives, or more generally local products.

All this is done in a bucolic and wooded setting, with large private areas offered to guests.

But The Pommenial de la Hérissonnière also aims to propose a different, original offer.

A concept towards which we are advancing step by step to create a place:


  • At the service of product promotion: the apple

Discover and select products made from apples, and make a choice among the extreme variety of uses that can be made of them..

° Wellness:

In this case, they must be tested and put into practice in our dedicated area and promoted..

In terms of well-being, we work, among others, with two brands that share our values: Akane and Rocquigny.

° Consumables:

We meet with regional producers (and beyond), to taste and reference products from the following ranges:

– Apple juices.

– Traditional ciders or mono-varietal ciders; sweet, dry or raw.

– The pommeau and apple must aperitifs.

– Cider vinegars, traditional and balsamic, and other condiments.

– Jams, most of which are offered for breakfast during the nights in the room.

– Alcohols: calvados according to the appellations and white spirits.

– The unclassifiable according to their packaging, their assembly, …

– And a little sprain with the pear in Normandy….

Or among geographical areas:

– The tradition of the Pays d’Auge at the heart of the Cider Route; the other producing regions of Normandy (Lieuvin, Pays de Bray, Domfrontais, Cotentin, …).

– The other French producing regions: Pays d’Othe, Lorraine, Bretagne, Pays basque, …

– Other producing countries: Japan, Quebec, England …

  • In the service of a tree: the apple tree

– Complete a traditional orchard of knife apples and cider.

– Enrich a garden with ornamental apple trees and explore their aesthetic potential.

– Make this garden, in association with other varieties, a source of relaxation and walking.

  • In the service of biodiversity:

Complete a set consisting of the garden, meadows and wooded areas. To continue a work of planting hedges or high trees that began almost 40 years ago. It is on the spot a place of pleasure, but also a starting point for walks or bike rides.

  • At the service of the promotion of the Pays d’Auge and Normandy:

An invitation to discover and get to know them by guiding visitors wishing to learn more about the rich local natural and historical heritage.

We would like to inform our kind customers that we no longer accept pets.