Ô hay – Ô foin

Ô hay – Ô foin

The benefits of hay have long been recognised and practised in the Alps. We were inspired by it, thinking that the Normandy meadows could claim the same relevance.

It was a project that was maturing. It was made possible thanks to a farmer from Orne (see our partners), whose production, certified organic, brings all the guarantees: by the composition and richness of the meadow used for hay and by the precautions taken in drying and storage.

This first selection of treatments is nevertheless unusual and unheard of in Normandy… and far beyond.

It takes advantage of the active – and olfactory – principles of hay, which are proven and recognised.

As with the apple and as a complement, we remain in an authentic and natural approach.

The treatments on display also highlight original by-products: powder, candied fruit, cakes and herbal teas that you will find until the afternoon tea served afterwards.

Sauna with organic hay

1 person: 65€

2 people: 90€

Care 30 effective min

Only available as a complement to another treatment.

The infrared sauna is bathed in a good smell of hay. You sit comfortably on hay-filled bags that you can use as cushions. The heat helps to diffuse the active and olfactory ingredients of the hay. A towel prevents the blades of grass from coming into direct contact with your skin to ensure the necessary comfort throughout the treatment.

Body wrap with organic hay jam

1 person: 105€

Care 40 effective min

Comfortably installed in a heated blanket, the hay preparation will provide you with moisturised, nourished and toned skin. To perfect this moment, you will be offered either a scalp massage or a foot massage, according to your desire.

Organic hay bath

1 person: 80€

Care 30 effective min

A hot bath where a bag of hay will have infused several minutes to release all its active ingredients. The warmth and the good smell of hay will plunge you into a pure moment of relaxation.

In the Ô hay package, the sequence of treatments ends with a tea time where you can enjoy organic hay tea and hay confit. Ideal for a gentle descent back to earth…

Lying in the hay

1 person: 135€

Care 40 effective min

Inspired by authentic methods practiced in the Austrian or Italian Alps, you will be coiled in the hay, just moistened to the point, for a warm and soft wrap. You will experience healthy sweating and deep relaxation, the effect of which will continue you into your sleep. The smell of hay will immerse you in a deep countryside atmosphere.

Depending on your desire, you can receive at the same time either a scalp massage or a foot massage.